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Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIn

The Web Manager puts you in control of your Remote Backup Service with an easy to use web interface. You can fully manage your Remote Backup business on the web. It also includes some advanced features like an end user portal, group manager's login, and an Admin portal. More Info Here...

The E-Commerce PlugIn integrates seamlessly with the Web Manager, providing a fully automated web registration system that accepts credit cards through Authorize.net, Payflo Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, and manual processing. It also supports direct billing. More Info Here...

You are looking at the LIVE SOFTWARE.

This demo system is running in the RBS Data Center, on a live RBS Server that will do backups and restores.

You are welcome to download a trial, log in as a User, or a Group Manager, or Admin to explore the Server. There is ONE LIMITATION with this demo system - The Admin and Group Manager settings cannot be edited.

Click the button at the top of this screen to begin your evaluation.

The Web Manager includes this website. You can edit all the text and graphics. Both PlugIns run on your RBS Server and require Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

Pricing and Availability

The Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIn are sold as optional features of RBackup. Professional installation is included in the low price.

More Info on the Web Manager

More Info on the E-Commerce PlugIn

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