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Remote Backup Systems' CEO, Rob Cosgrove, founded the Online Backup industry in 1987 when he published the word's first Remote Backup software. Mr. Cosgrove literally "wrote the book" on the Online Backup Business with his industry-defining 1987 book, RBS Book: How to Start and Operate a Remote Backup Business.

His latest book, The Online Backup Guide for Service Providers: How to Start and Operate an Online Backup Service, is available now as an online edition, and in paperback on Amazon.com.

Mr. Cosgrove has studied the Industry from a unique inside perspective for more than two decades, and is perhaps the Industry's foremost authority. He continues to design leading-edge software and to oversee the development of Online Backup's most mature and robust software platforms. You can subscribe to Rob's Blog via RSS here.

"Our goal is to make YOU successful."

Remote Backup Systems (RBS) develops software and services for Online Backup Services who provide internet-based online backups. We are headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee with an engineering and technical office in Chennai, India.

RBS is by far the oldest online backup company in the world. The company's founder coined the now-popular term, Remote Backup. Remote Backup Systems defined the technical protocol that is now used as the standard for moving backups of data files around the Internet.

RBS has more than 8,500 Service Providers in more than 63 countries. RBackup Remote Backup is the most widely used subscription-based online backup software on the planet.

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