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The products listed on this page are defined in the Plans section of the Setup Menu under the Admin login.

You can change any of the text above the line by editing this file products.html.

Plans :

40 GB Plan for Server Quota Price (USD)
Unlimited 50.00
Trial Plans :

Personal Computer Trial Quota Price (USD)
4GB for 14 days. Backs up selected files. 4 GB 0.00
Workstation or Desktop Trial Quota Price (USD)
5GB for 14 days. Installs on desktops and workstations. Backs up SQL and selected files. 5 GB 0.00
Windows Server Trial Quota Price (USD)
30GB for 14 days. Installs on Windows Servers. Backs up Exchange (brick level), SQL Server, Active Directory, System State, Sharepoint, and locked files. 10 GB 0.00

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