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Error 10053/10057 clients can't backup.

The server logs report Error 10053 during a backup session from one endpoint. What can cause these errors, and how do I fix it? I also see Error 10057 occasionally on the server. Note: These are non-critical errors (warnings, really) and do not cause software failure.

Causes: There are several, all caused by issues unrelated to the RBS software itself. This is a general warning caused by 1) a temporary loss of network connectivity; 2) misconfigured Server-side router or firewall; 3) bad Network Interface Card; 4) Server Monitoring service

Solution: First make sure that your RBS Server tests fine using the Online Server Tester:

If the above test fails, it is most likely that your RBS Server's router or firewall isn't properly configured. Recheck your server settings and router/firewall settings.

This issue is caused when the endpoint or the Server attempts to open a connection, and the connection never completes. If an endpoint opens the connection, but sends no message, the port eventually gives up and issues an error 10053. This can be caused by several reasons:

1. Some third party Server Monitors can cause this warning, because they connect to test the Server, but the port resets because no data are transferred. The Server Monitor provided by RBS does not cause this issue.

2. Command Port (usually 2774, but can be configured for any port) of the RBS Server is improperly routed through the router serving the RBS Server. For example: If the server's internal IP address is, the port forwarding rule for command port should be routed to address. Make sure the right ports are open on your server-side router.

The ports required on the server are below:

Command port of RBS Server: Can be cofigured for any port. The default is 2774, but common alternatives are 80, 21, or 443, as long as they do not conflict with another service also using the same port.

Data Ports: Can be configured for any port range. The default is 29001-29100. Older versions of RBS Server defaulted to 1024-2048. This range should match the Data Port range defined for the Server. Assign 2-5 ports per simultaneous user expected to connect to the RBS Server. Fewer ports produce slower transfer speeds. Do not assign ports below 1024.

Web Console Port: Port 80 is used by default for the web console. If you want to make this tool available outside your network, open port 80.

Full Image Backup Port: Port 2773 is used to send full image backups to the RBS Server. It should be open inbound.

Server Sync Port: Port 2772 is used to syncronize banks of RBS Servers. They communicate with one another in this port. Open 2772 if you need this service.

This error has also been attributed to the following:

* A hiccup in the network.

* A bad network interface card (NIC) on server.

* Faulty routers.

* Other applications or hardware interfering with connections.




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