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How are archive files named?

Question: How do the file naming (server side) conventions work. Is it possible to get a duplicate file name? I notice one of my backups come thought with the date and then a load of zeros. I wasn't used to seeing that many zeros in a file name.

Answer: There is an interesting variation you can use for file names. You can use a function in the Customize Endpoint Installer called "Storename characters" to specify the number of characters from the original filename to include in the backup file filename. This might help identify backup files. The normal setting for this is zero, for security reasons.

Example File Name without original name: 200302131250.16B69FD90000000004200000285.001

Example file name including original file name: Employee.doc_200306011117.79292AB50000000670720000001.007

Employee.doc Original Name 

_ Separator
20030601 Date (6/1/2003)
1117 Time (11:17 AM)
. (dot)
79292AB5 Unique Checksum
000000067072 Original File Size
0000001 File Sequence Number
. (dot)
007 Backup Set Code

If you want to see entire filenames, set Storename Characters to something large, like 128 or 256.


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