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How does a disaster recovery operation work?

Question: Your backup software seems to backup all right, but we are interested in disaster recovery. How can I produce another client with the same login and password and restore files if the database was on the client that got destroyed? To simulate a Disaster Recovery I reproduced the Username and Password on a second installation of your Client software but could not restore the data from the first installation. Can you give any insight as to how could use your software for disaster recovery?

Answer: The reason your second installation doesn't work although it has the same username and password is that it probably doesn't have the same encryption key. It may also not have the same Account Group.

The Account Group defaults to 1 (House Account). The Encryption Key is generated with each new installation, and can be changed any time by the customer.

Our software has a built-in Disaster Recovery feature. Here's how it works.

After initial installation our Client software asks if you want to make a Key Disk. The Key Disk contains all the setup information for the Client software. If you change something critical about the setup of the Client software later, it will ask you to update your Key Disk.

If the computer is destroyed and has to be completely reconfigured, you can simply install new Client software. On installation the Client software asks "Is this a new installation or a Disaster Recovery?" Pick Disaster Recovery, you will be asked for the Key Disk. Just insert it, and the new Client software will set itself up like before, and will contact the Server to download the latest catalog.


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