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How does Fast Pick selection method work?

Fast Pick: (File Selection Method)

Fast Pick is a File Selection method for Rbackup. This method is designed to speed up the scanning process (or File Selection process), especially in cases where there are many thousands of files to scan, (greater than 50,000) and where Archive Bit Selection is not appropriate.

Fast Pick relies on the last successful backup's Date/Time Stamp. For the first backup, Fast Pick will select all files marked for backup. For subsequent backups, the Endpoint (when the backup initially starts) gets the last successful backup's Date/Time stamp from the database. This date/time stamp is then used as a threshold for file selection.

The criteria for selecting a file for backup is based on two conditions:

1) If the Modified Date/Time of the file is greater than the threshold date/time, OR
2) If the Creation Date/Time of the file is greater than the threshold date/time.

Note: All date/time comparisons are done in UTC.

Since there are no database lookups in the scanning process, the time taken to scan thousands of files is greatly reduced.

This method of selection is useful when you are backing up a file sever (for example) that has thousands of files that need to be scanned, or in cases where archive bit cannot be used for file selection (like a Samba/Linux box).

The first backup using this File Selection method, will select ALL files for backup.

If you make changes to File Selection, i.e. include a new file or folder to backup after the initial backup, you have to make sure to Set the Modified Date for these new inclusions. Otherwise these files will not be selected for backup. For this reason, there is a right click menu option called "Set Modified Date/Time" that you can use to set/change the modified date/time stamp of these new inclusions. Further, when you add a new file/folder to the inclusion list after the first full, the software itself will prompt you to change the Modified Date/Time (if the Fast Pick method is being used for the backup set).


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