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Installation tips for the RBS Server

Most RBS Server installations are easy, and much easier by following instructions. When you run the Server's installation file it displays some help files that should be read completely. Follow the links in the files and read the docs that display. I know it's boring and you want to get on with using the software, but the documentation is critical.

The system installs the Server and a plain vanilla endpoint installer which you must then customize before you can make your endpoint installers. Almost all installation problems happen when the documentation isn't read and followed. Being a serious Internet server complicated by the included endpoint installer that is built into it, its installation isn't quite intuitive.

Reading the documentation is critically important to understand how it all works and to be comfortable with it in the long run. We've found that the people who have the most trouble with installations are usually the smartest ones, who know the most about Internet hosting etc., and rush through the docs because they assume this Server is just like all the others. Doing that leaves gaps in your knowledge of the system as a whole and can make for some frustration now and later.

There's a really good searchable Knowledge Library on our web site.

After you have your Server installed and your endpoint installation customized, test your server with our Online Server Tester BEFORE you try to install your first endpoint. Make sure your Server is functioning as it should be before working with the endpoint.


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