Free Hotsite During East Coast Super Storm
Posted by Steve R on 28 October 2012 04:01 PM

Remote Backup Systems, the founders of the online backup industry and developers of the RBackup and Mercury OEM Online Backup platforms activated its Emergency Backup Hot Site for use by its Partners in the path of the approaching East Coast Super Storm.

Remote Backup Systems has offered this business-saving service to their clients dating back to hurricane Hugo in 1989. This resource is available to online backup partners affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, winter storms, widespread power outages, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, and floods affecting their data center.

If an RBS Server goes offline because of a natural disaster, RBS can temporarily take backups from provider’s clients at the Hot Site near Memphis, Tennessee, so the Partner doesn’t suffer further. When the disaster is over and the providers’ servers go back online, they can download the backups and resume normal business.

Remote Backup Systems encourages all of its Online Backup Partners in threatened areas to visit the company’s website at for more information on the Hot Site service, including guidelines and instructions for activation.

“We’ve been lucky the past few years to have avoided major hurricanes,” said Rob Cosgrove, CEO and founder of Remote Backup Systems, “However, the next few days look a little sketchy for the East coast because Hurricane Sandy is expected to combine with two other storms to create a rare late season super storm.”

Built into Remote Backup Systems multi-award winning flagship product, RBackup, is a special feature called the Server Locator.  It enables a Partner to maintain normal business in the event of a disaster by immediately transferring end users to the RBS Hot Site. It also enables them to move their RBS Servers safely to any Internet connection with a dynamic IP address anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.

No other company offers this cutting-edge service.

In an outage of Internet service, Partners can simply move their equipment to an alternate location with Internet service, and the Server Locator will seamlessly redirect their clients within seconds to the new location.

For more information on Remote Backup Systems, visit the company’s website

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East Coast, Back Up Your Computers!
Posted by Steve R on 28 October 2012 03:59 PM

This weekend and early next week Hurricane Sandy is expected to combine with two other storm systems to produce a rare late-season Super Storm that could affect a wide area on the US East Coast.

Disaster areas have already been declared. Storm surge is forecast to affect millions from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast. Evacuation orders have been declared for barrier islands.

RBS strongly advises businesses in the area to do online backups now, before any interruptions to electrical power and Internet connections.

Meteorologists are predicting that power outages could be more widespread than with Hurricanes Isabel and Irene, affecting millions.

“If you use an Online Backup service, force a backup now,” recommends Rob Cosgrove, CEO of Remote Backup Systems, “If you do not yet use an Online Backup Service, sign up for one now and back up your critical data.”

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Online Backup Software RBackup 11.5.8 Released
Posted by Steve R on 07 June 2012 01:01 PM
Remote Backup Systems announced today that it has released the latest version of its industry-defining RBackup Online Backup Software. RBackup is widely used by MSPs and computer companies to provide Online Backup Services to their end users.
RBackup version 11.5.8 is now available for upgrade on the company’s website,
“We are extremely happy with this release,” Said Rob Cosgrove, CEO of RBS, “It provides a number of significant upgrades.”
The latest version enhances support for online backup and restore of Microsoft Exchange at the sub-folder level, improves data compression, adds new command line parameters, and more.
There have also been significant improvements to the company’s Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIns, which provide a turnkey solution for any company who wants to offer self-hosed online backup services.
The company also announced the Beta program for its new Bare Metal Backup and Restore function. The program is available to all RBS partners with active Maintenance Subscriptions. Access the Beta program on the RBS Service Provider’s Forum on the company’s website.
RBS was recently honored as one of the “World Top 100 Cloud Service Providers” by Nine Lives Media, and announced the opening of its free Emergency Hot Site for use by its partners this hurricane season.

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Backup Awareness Month ÔÇô How Have You Saved Your Customers?
Posted by Steve R on 07 June 2012 12:59 PM

Send in your story and receive a free 1 month Basic Maintenance Extension.

Here’s your chance at one of three one-year Priority Maintenance Subscriptions RBS will give away to the winners of our Backup Awareness Month Restore Story Contest.

Send in your best story about how you saved files for one of your customers. Each entrant will receive a free one month Basic Maintenance Subscription (extension or renewal) and three lucky winners will be drawn at random to win one year Priority Maintenance Subscriptions.

The contest starts June 4, 2012 and ends on June 22, 2012. Winners will be announced on June 25.

Type or copy your entries into the contact form on the following page.

We will reprint selected stories in our blog and credit you and your business in press releases. (By sending in your stories you agree to allow us to use them this way.)

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RBS Honored As A World Top 100 Cloud Service Provider
Posted by Steve R on 18 May 2012 10:12 AM

May 17, 2012: Online Backup Software Pioneers Remote Backup Systems ranks among the world’s top 100 cloud service providers (CSPs), according to Nine Lives Media’s second-annual Talkin’ Cloud 100 report. The top 100 CSPs generated more than $2.3 billion in combined cloud services revenues for 2011, up nearly 46 percent from 2010, according to the Talkin’ Cloud 100 report, which is available now by visiting

This year’s Talkin’ Cloud 100 report (formerly the Talkin’ Cloud 50) has been expanded to include:

  • Cloud service providers — companies that offer IaaS, PaaS and/or SaaS
  • Cloud aggregators — companies that offer online marketplaces for sourcing cloud applications, platforms and/or infrastructure
  • Cloud brokers — companies that recommend a range of cloud applications for customers
  • Cloud integrators — companies that link multiple cloud services into a customer solution
  • VARs (value-added resellers) with cloud services expertise
  • MSPs (managed service providers) with cloud services expertise

“I am honored to have been selected as a member of this prestigious group,” said Rob Cosgrove, CEO, Remote Backup Systems. “We owe it to the support and success of our MSP Service Providers. Thank you, guys!”

The Talkin’ Cloud 100 report is based on data from Talkin’ Cloud’s online survey, conducted January through April 2012. The Talkin’ Cloud 100 report recognizes top cloud service providers based on such metrics as annual cloud services revenue growth (both in actual dollars and in percentage growth rates).

“Nine Lives Media and Talkin’ Cloud congratulate Remote Backup Systems,” said Amy Katz, president of Nine Lives Media, a division of Penton Media. “The Talkin’ Cloud 100 honor arrives amid a land grab in the cloud computing market. And the Talkin’ Cloud 100 companies are leading that land grab.”

Talkin’ Cloud, produced by Nine Lives Media, is the go-to resource for CSPs, VARs and MSPs profiting from cloud computing. Talkin’ Cloud features a daily blog, research, Channel Expert Hour Webcasts and FastChat videos. It is the first online media destination for channel partners working in the cloud.

About Remote Backup Systems

 Remote Backup Systems has provided brandable, scalable software and solutions to MSPs and VARs enabling them to offer Online Backup Services since 1987.


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New Version 11.5.6 Released - please upgrade.
Posted by Steve R on 17 April 2012 01:13 PM

The world’s first and most mature commercial Online Backup software, in its 11th major revision, has been released. RBackup version 11.5.6 is now available for download. This upgrade is for the core RBackup software and its PlugIns, including the Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIns. 

This release adds brick level backup and restore of Exchange 2010, with features to export and import PST files. There’s a new multithreaded scan engine, and a new compression and encryption engine that makes much better use of multi-core processors, speeding up backups significantly.

New Unicode filename support for up to 259 characters, Folder Redirections and Junction Point support were added, along with a new seventh language, Swedish.

Many more overall improvements have been made for better memory management and faster (and bigger) backups and restores.

The popular Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIns have had MAJOR improvements with many new features. Here are just a few:

Multitenancy Mode – (optional feature available for separate purchase) Allows Service Providers to operate a Partner Network. Each Partner manages his own customers and can customize and brand his Client software independently, using independent service plans and even credit card payment gateways.

Trial to Live Conversions – Trial uses can now log into the portal and migrate to any live plan by making a payment online with a credit card or PayPal, without resinstalling software or changing accounts.

Live Demo Mode – the Web PlugIns can now run in Demo mode similar to the RBS Live Demo site at This allows potential Partners to safely evaluate the interface.

More Client Customizations – We have added many new Client customizations to the Web interface, like custom sub-menus, top level menu options, complete backup set customization and defaults, and many more.

RBS customers with active Maintenance Subscriptions can download the new versions at the RBS website, Select DOWNLOADS : SOFTWARE UPGRADES.

There is a fully functioning time-limited evaluation version available for download here, and a live demonstration server online here.

For information about purchasing new software or renewing Maintenance Subscriptions, contact Dave Branch by phone at 901-405-1234 or by email at


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