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Posted by Steve R on 17 April 2012 01:13 PM

The world’s first and most mature commercial Online Backup software, in its 11th major revision, has been released. RBackup version 11.5.6 is now available for download. This upgrade is for the core RBackup software and its PlugIns, including the Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIns. 

This release adds brick level backup and restore of Exchange 2010, with features to export and import PST files. There’s a new multithreaded scan engine, and a new compression and encryption engine that makes much better use of multi-core processors, speeding up backups significantly.

New Unicode filename support for up to 259 characters, Folder Redirections and Junction Point support were added, along with a new seventh language, Swedish.

Many more overall improvements have been made for better memory management and faster (and bigger) backups and restores.

The popular Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIns have had MAJOR improvements with many new features. Here are just a few:

Multitenancy Mode – (optional feature available for separate purchase) Allows Service Providers to operate a Partner Network. Each Partner manages his own customers and can customize and brand his Client software independently, using independent service plans and even credit card payment gateways.

Trial to Live Conversions – Trial uses can now log into the portal and migrate to any live plan by making a payment online with a credit card or PayPal, without resinstalling software or changing accounts.

Live Demo Mode – the Web PlugIns can now run in Demo mode similar to the RBS Live Demo site at This allows potential Partners to safely evaluate the interface.

More Client Customizations – We have added many new Client customizations to the Web interface, like custom sub-menus, top level menu options, complete backup set customization and defaults, and many more.

RBS customers with active Maintenance Subscriptions can download the new versions at the RBS website, Select DOWNLOADS : SOFTWARE UPGRADES.

There is a fully functioning time-limited evaluation version available for download here, and a live demonstration server online here.

For information about purchasing new software or renewing Maintenance Subscriptions, contact Dave Branch by phone at 901-405-1234 or by email at


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