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Posted by Steve R on 28 October 2012 03:59 PM

This weekend and early next week Hurricane Sandy is expected to combine with two other storm systems to produce a rare late-season Super Storm that could affect a wide area on the US East Coast.

Disaster areas have already been declared. Storm surge is forecast to affect millions from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast. Evacuation orders have been declared for barrier islands.

RBS strongly advises businesses in the area to do online backups now, before any interruptions to electrical power and Internet connections.

Meteorologists are predicting that power outages could be more widespread than with Hurricanes Isabel and Irene, affecting millions.

“If you use an Online Backup service, force a backup now,” recommends Rob Cosgrove, CEO of Remote Backup Systems, “If you do not yet use an Online Backup Service, sign up for one now and back up your critical data.”

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