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Posted by Gautam, Tech Support on 16 March 2011 11:31 AM
Version 11.02.005
Release Date: March 14 2011

To request for upgrades, visit:

Change Log:

NOTE: If you have upgraded your clients to v11.2.4, it is highly recommended that you upgrade them again to this version.

Critical Update (Client) An updated and enhanced VSS (Open files) Library module that solve issues with multiple open files with same filename, and files with insufficient permissions.

Fix: Error with Exchange VSS backup (Error: The requested object was a duplicate) fixed.

Minor fixes to the Auto-Select filter with Advanced and Standard (simple) interface. (Sort issues and issues with multiple selections in the User-defined extensions)

Minor fixes to the Customize Client Installer utility.

New: Added ?Set Name? field to the RBS Monitor that displays the backup set name of running backups. (Recommended by Service Providers)

Minor fixes to the RBS Monitor.

Disk Restore agent/Server side restore: Restore on very large file sets failed with memory leak on some systems. Fixed this problem.

Disk Restore/Server side restore had compatibility issues with older version of client databases (Error: Error in executing restore query. No value given for one or more required parameters.) Fixed this.

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