Posted by Steve R on 11 May 2013 11:36 AM

Remote Backup Systems announces the mid-May release of a new Partner’s Portal. Partners with active Maintenance Subscriptions will have access to the Portal at no additional charge. The Partner Portal contains advanced tools and resources, and is fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

File Sharing System

Share files with your users. Share files with all your devices. You get 2 GB of storage space free with your Portal account. Upload from your PC, view on your iPhone. Store files for your customers to download.

Graphics Conversion Tool

The Graphics Conversion Tool is an easy one-touch graphics converter for branding your RBackup Client software. Upload any graphic, any size, any format, and it automatically converts it to the icons and graphics needed to brand your Client software.

Client Customization and Branding Tool

Customize and brand your client software with this intuitive online tool. Fully integrated with the Graphics Conversion Tool, and Installer Hosting, this tool has all the advanced customization and branding features of our popular Web Manager PlugIn, and more. The Portal stores all your branding information and your installers themselves.

Code Sign Your Installers

The Portal can build your Client installers and optionally code-sign them with a Verisign Class 3 Code Signing Certificate for secure, compliant Windows installations. Windows recognizes signed installers and displays fewer warning messages. Signed installers are guaranteed to be free of viruses.

Mail Server

Your Portal account comes with access to an SMTP mail service that you can use to send email notifications from your RBS Server. To use it just checkmark Use Portal Mail Service in the setup screen for the Email Notifications.

Hosting for Your Installers

After you have branded, customized, and built your installers, the Portal will store them for you. You can distribute them by sending a link to your customers.

Upgrade Area

A new Software Upgrade area contains all the software you have bought, for initial installation and upgrades.

Hosting for Your Software Updates

The Portal can host your Client software updates and distribute them automatically to your customers when there is an update to the Client software.

General Downloads

A new searchable download area contains tools, utilities, documentation and other files, all in one convenient place.

Move Server License

The Portal contains a quick and easy tool to move your RBS Server’s license to another computer without contacting Tech Support.

Coming to the Partner Portal soon…

Key Escrow Service – Optionally store your clients’ Key Escrow files for them, automatically updated whenever they change.

Server Monitor – Monitor your RBS Server. Receive SMS text messages and emails in the event of problems.

Online Reporting – Get mobile-ready graphical reports and alerts showing your Server’s activity, including all client activity, drive space, real time activity monitoring, etc.

Online Backups of Your Server Settings – The Portal will optionally back up all of your RBS Server’s settings, including your customer database. This makes it much easier to replace your Server in an emergency.

Automatic Emergency Servers – The Portal can automatically provision a hot spare backup server in the cloud and transfer your clients if your RBS Server goes offline.

Mirroring Service – Automatically mirror your RBS Server and all your clients’ backup files to the cloud. (Extra charges will apply.)

EMail if you have questions about the Portal.

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