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Can I buy RBS software from one of your service providers?

Question: Can I buy your software from someone else? Can I buy another Service Provider's already-registered software?

Answer: You may, of course, become a customer of any of our Service Providers who are authorized to distribute our endpoint software as part of their Remote Backup business. You may NOT buy RBS Server software from any source other than directly from RBS or from one of our resellers.

WARNING: Check with RBS before you purchase software from anyone claiming to be a Reseller or Agent of RBS. 

Except in rare cases, RBS software licenses are non transferrable. Buying RBS Software from anyone other than Remote Backup Systems invalidates any license that might exist on that software. Maintenance Subscriptions, no matter how much time is left on them, will be terminated. Support and upgrades will no longer be available. The software may stop running.

If RBS approves a license transfer, we charge a fee of 20% of the current retail price of the package plus purchase of a new maintenance subscription.

We cannot combine licenses. If an existing Service Provider buys another Service Provider's license in an approved transaction, we cannot add the license counts together on one Server. Two instances of RBS Servers cannot be run on the same computer. Two maintenance subscriptions will be required. Software upgrades must be applied separately.

If you are considering buying someone else's sofware license to save some money, please think about the following important considerations: You may be buying pirated or stolen software. Only RBS can verify the authenticity of our software and its owners.

The software may be (probably is) out of date.

The software will not be supported by RBS, and will not be upgraded.

The RBS Server Locator will not work with your system.

You will not have access to the Partner's Portal, the Forum or to any of the other valuable business and technical resources offered to licensed Remote Backup Service Providers.

If you have any questions about how all this works, please contact RBS.


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