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File Selection Tips and Tricks

File Selection Tips and Tricks.

When you select the files you back up, you may get better results if you understand a few tricks of the file selection subsystem.


The system optimizes your selections in different ways depending on the contents of your selection:

1. Folder/File Selection without Auto-Select

2. Auto-Select INCLUDES and EXCLUDES

3. Folder/File Selection with only Auto-Select EXCLUDES

Folder/File selection method one involves simply Green-Checking files and folders, and excluding files and folders within that selection. Method 1 is good for backing up specific files and folders quickly

Method 2, Auto-Select INCLUDES and EXCLUDES, is the most thorough method but takes the longest, and can potentially generate huge backups. This is fine if that's what you want, but it's also easy to pick up a lot of relatively unnecesary files.

Method 3 is a combination of method 2 and method 1.

Methods 1 and 3 are pre-optimized before being fed into the scanning process, scanning root and sublevel folders separately to improve the speed of the process.


While selecting files, you can use the right-click menus to easily modify your selections based on the files you see, for example, you can right-click on ABC.ZIP and select the Auto-Select exclusion of all ZIP files. You will immediately see any other ZIP files receive a Red X.


Auto-select offers two method of defining filters. The File Types are taken from the list of filetypes maintained by windows, and can vary based on applications installed and user modification, so cannot always be depended on from one computer to another.

User-Types are your user-defined collection of file types, by extension. User-Types take precedence over File-Types, and both can contain a list of file extensions. Normally, a Red-X TRUMPS a Green Check except with User-Types, where a Green-Checked usertype can reverse a Red-X in a File-Type for the same extension.


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