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Does the RBackup server handle server-side backups?

Question: I have downloaded your demo and like what I see. But I am not clear on one step in the process. I understand the process of data being moved from the client to the server. However, I am not clear on whether or not the RBackup tool automatically sends data both to a fixed drive on the server, and to removable media.

It appears as though the method is to store a certain amount of data on a fixed drive, so it will be readily available to the client. But what is the process by which the data is also transferred to tape or some kind of removable media? Is this action also performed by the RBackup software or must a person integrate another method by which he/she may copy the data to removable media.

Answer: The RBackup Endpoint software is hybrid. It can send backups to three locations at the same time, or separately - the RBS Server, any local hard drive, and to many cloud services like google drive, dropbox, and Amazon S3. So, you can send backups directly from the Endpoint software to as many as three locations.

As for the Server, you can back it up using any method you like - tape, online, etc. You can use any other backup software to do this. As of RBackup v11.12 there is a built in Server Mirroring function that you can use which will automatically mirror your Server's data to another location.



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