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How long does it take to send a file? Can I calculate it?

Yes, you can calculate it. Here is a link to our online calculators:

This calculation considers only data transmission time in an optimally-configured system. Time for the Client software to prepare a backup by doing its compression and encryption is not a part of this calculation, and can be effected greatly by constraints outside the control of the software.

Transmission speeds can vary widely from this calculation depending on outside factors like the configuration of the software, routers, firewalls, anti-virus software, ports, and CPU speeds.

This calculation is for optimal connections. It is not intended for use as a benchmark or acceptance test for the software. This calculation is based on the way RBackup Remote Backup software transmits and verifies files, NOT on any theoretically "perfect" file transmission formula. Our software adds overhead for authentication which is often very difficult to predict, as it is based on the current health and speed of the network connection between the Client and the Server, as well as the type of data and number of files in a backup set, and the speed of the processors in the Client and the Server.

Your transmission speed will vary. Use this only to estimate.

If your backups seem to be taking too long, please read this article: BACKUPS TAKE A REALLY LONG TIME.

Here is the Calculator:


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