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RBS server displays an Error Message: 11102 File I/O Error.

Cause: Error 11102 on the server is a result of error 11101 on the Endpoint. It is rare, and can be caused by two things. This error is normally seen only if one particluar Endpoint logs in - not all Endpoints.

Solution 1:

This error can be caused when the Endpoint is trying to access or retreive a file on the server for which the Endpoint-side catalog has no information, or does not exist on the Server. This is a result of the Endpoint catalog being out of sync with the Server's directory. Sometimes the affected Endpoint doesn't log off the Server. The fix for this is to synchronize the Endpoint with the Server.

You can synchronize the Endpoint from an interface at the Endpoint, and you can also order a synchronization from the Server.

Synchronizing at the Endpoint:

1. On the Endpoint, enter the override password at the PADLOCK ICON, (under OPtions-Preferences-connection).

2. Go to the main menu, then go to Run -> Synchronize to Server.

3. Run the (Report) first and then(update).

Synchronizing at the Server:

1. At the Server Console, select Endpoints -> Manage Endpoints.

2. Find the Endpoint you want to sync, and click its Remote Manage button.

3. Checkmark Update Mode - Enable Sync (Recover)

4. Click the Configure button.

Next time the selected Endpoint logs into the RBS Server the synchronization will be performed.


Solution 2:

Error 11102 can (in rare cases) be caused if the Endpoint is trying to connect to the Server (and failing) in Active mode. Active Mode is tried only as a backup connection method if the primary method (passive mode) fails. If an Active Mode connection fails, Error 11102 can be issued.

1. Close the RBackup Endpoint software. Use the Task Manager to make sure both RBClient.exe and RBackup.exe are closed.

2. Use REGEDIT to check the registry on the client: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings

3. Set the key UsePassive to ÔÇ£TrueÔÇØ

4. Close REGEDIT

5. Restart the Endpoint software.


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