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How can I setup my backup server for Auto Failover and Load Balancing capabilities?


RBackup has several ways to provide mirroring and failover for RBS Servers. This is just one way.

To setup RBS Server (backup server) for Load Balancing and Failover capabilities:

Software Requirements:

1) RBS Server with SQL Back-end (SQL Backend for the RBS Server is available as a plug-in). Have the back-end installed on a separate server or on the Primary server system.

2) Install another RBS Server (you will need to purchase a license for each additional server instance*) on a secondary machine which will serve as your auto-failover server. This server can reside on the same network or offsite location.


Configure both the Primary and Secondary servers to look at the same SQL backend, and data drives. (Secondary server will need to map drives to the data drives). This way, both servers will have the same user accounts, and have access to the same data drives.

Configure Rbackup Endpoint with two IP addresses or DNS addresses separated by semicolon (;). Example, Backup Server URL on the Endpoint should be:;

This way the Endpoint knows to failover to the secondary server (or 3rd or 4th server) automatically, if it cannot make a connection to the primary.

You can also have two Internet connections (one ISP servicing primary and another connection for secondary server). This way, if one ISP goes down, you are still backing up.

Automatic Load Balancing - Servers can be set to forward Endpoint sessions to other Servers after they reach a predetermined point of loading.

You can set the 'ThresholdConnections' (Registry key setting under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBSServer\Settings branch. A value of 0, means unlimited) to a number which will be equivalent to the maximum number of Endpoint you want backing up on an individual server. Additional Endpoint connections when the Threshold is reached will be served by your secondary server, thus obtaining a load-balancing environment.

You can also have many RBS Servers (as mentioned above) forming a cluster of servers leading to increased scalability and performance.

If you want a technician to install/configure the setup for you, RBS can do it for a small fee*.

* - contact Sales for current pricing

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