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Login fails when changing account groups

Question: I have created a new endpoint account. As soon as I move the user into the House account it works fine but as soon as I move it into my new account I have login failures. Any suggestions?

That's an easy question. The Endpoint software does not reflect the same account group as the Server does for your new client. I think you may be confusing the User account with an Account Group.

An Account Group (such as the House Account) contains many Endpoint accounts. Assign all the endpoints who are customers of your company to the House Account. If you hire agents to whom you will pay a commission and you want to track sales by Agents, you can assign groups of endpoints to different Agents by assigning Account Groups to agents.

With RBackup v11.10 and previous, endpoints assigned to one Account Group will not authenticate to other Account Groups. So, you probably have created an Endpoint with Account Group 000001 (the House Account) and that's why this endpoint will not log in under a different Account Group. This is the way the software is supposed to work in v11.10 and previous.

In order for an endpoint to be able to log into your RBS Server, the Account Group specified in the endpoint software must match the Account Group specified for that User's account on your RBS Server.

With RBackup version 11.11 the Account Group is no longer a part of the login sequence, so Endpoints can be switched from group to group at the server.


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