How does the quota system work?

Disk space quotas are handled through reports and emails. By default, RBackup will never interrupt a backup in progress, nor will it refuse to accept a backup from an active account in good standing. You can change this behavior and have RBackup stop accepting backups when its account reaches its quota.

There is also a setting for Session Quota. This sets a limit on the amount of data that can be sent in a single backup session. Any data that is remaining to be backed up will be backed up during the next backup session, and subsequent backup sessions if necessary.

It is our opinion that business clients need to know that backups will happen regardless of any contingency, including breaking their quota. Most service providers have stairstepped contracts that call for a user to simply pay more for more storage space when he breaks his quota - similar to the way cellphone contracts are handled.

Refusing to accept a backup for any reason other than nonpayment, including quotas, is simply bad business practice. Above everything else, clients need to be able to rely on their backups.

Instead of halting backups, increase fees according to a schedule spelled out in the service contract.


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