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Preloading software on new computers

Some service providers have computer stores preload their Client software onto new PCs. Here's how to do that.

Assign the computer store an account group - 000002 or 000003, etc. The House Account is always you, and that's account number 000001. 

Then load up a number of endpoints on your RBS Server. Give them login names and passwords at random, or in some order that you can use to tell which computer store signed up the endpoint. Something like this, maybe:

Joe's Computer Store is Account 000002. Assign the endpoints of Joe's Computer Store names like "024ART8B11" where the 02 at the beginning is always the account number. 02 = Joe's Computer Store, account number 000002

Make an installer for Joe to use when installing clients on new computers.

You can give Joe the list of names and passwords you have assigned to him so he can tell his customers. The first time the new computer is started, the user will be prompted to enter that data to activate his RBS account.

Joe becomes an Agent of yours, and you pay him for every new client he signs up. When new customers use your service, you will know which agent sent them by looking at your reports or at the name on the active account.

If you want to give your Agents more control over their endpoints you can purchase the  Multitennancy addon for your Server. This gives each Agent the ability to manage his own endpoints online, with full branding and other features.


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