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How To Use Security Certificates - SSL and Code Signing

What are Security Certificates and how can I use them? Do I need them? Where can I buy them?

There are two kinds of Security Certificates that can be used by RBackup and its web-based PlugIns.

SSL Certificate – used to secure data in transit over the web when using a web browser. An SSL certificate is installed on the Web Server, and changes the HTTP:// protocol to HTTPS:// which indicates a secure connection. This also activates a graphic (usually a padlock) on the browser.

SSL Certificates are typically used on websites that accept personal information like passwords and credit card numbers. The certificate encrypts the data sent to the website, making sure that it cannot be intercepted and compromised along the Internet.

The RBackup RBS Server does not require an SSL certificate.

The Web Manager PlugIn and the E-Commerce PlugIn will operate without an SSL certificate, but we strongly advise you use one, especially with the E-Commerce PlugIn, which accepts credit cards and personally identifiable information.

Code Signing Certificate – used to secure files that can be downloaded over the Internet. The Certificate guarantees that the file has not been changed since it was signed. The RBS Server and the Web Manager PlugIn can use a Code Signing Certificate to secure your Endpoint installers if one is available. They will also operate without one.

Files that are downloaded over the Internet (like your Endpoint installer) are usually checked for viruses and other threats by the browser used to download them. Code signed files contain a special signature that tells browsers that the file has not been modified since it was signed. If a the file becomes infected with a virus after it has been signed, the browser will know about it and will notify the end user with a warning.

One advantage of Code Signing your Endpoint installers is that the browser will recognize the certificate, and will present the end user with fewer (and less dramatic) messages during download. The browser will trust the Endpoint installer because it is code signed.

Endpoint installers are code signed using your Code Signing Certificate at the time they are built by the RBS Server or the Web Manager PlugIn.

Please be aware that some of the RBackup Endpoint files are already signed with a Code Signing certificate belonging to RBS. If you re-sign them with your own, our certificate will be replaced with yours, which is a good thing.

Where can I buy Security Certificates?

Both the SSL Certificate and the Code Signing Certificate can be bought from Certificate Authorities like GoDaddy, Verisign, and others. Any type of SSL certificate will work, so buy an inexpensive one. They are available for about $29/year.

The Code Signing Certificate must support Microsoft Authenticode. Inexpensive Code Signing Certificates cost about $179 per year.

The Certification Process

Various Certification Authorities have different procedures for assigning Security Certificates. They will need to verify that you are who you say you are, and that your website is a valid one. They might need to verify your address and telephone number.

The process can take several days to complete, and can require you to submit proof by way of Fax.

How do I install Security Certificates?

See the instructions provided by your Certificate Authority. Installing your certificates is not a part of the installation services provided by RBS.

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