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How to set up failover and mirroring for the RBS Server

Is there any automatic fail over and mirroring solution?

RBS can help you design a system with failover, depending on how you want it to work. There are many ways to do it, including through DNS, load balancers, and built-in features like the following:

1. The RBS Endpoint software can be programmed to try up to 32 IP addresses or domain names when attempting to connect to its Server. If its login is rejected fails to one server, it tries the next.

2. RBS Servers can be set to reject connections over a user-defined limit of the number of simultaneous connections.

3. RBS Servers can share the same customer database and storage arrays.

4. You can use any file/folder synchronization software (like PeerSync or GoodSync or the free BitTorrent Sync) to synchronize remote data storage arrays.

We have designed and tested a procedure for failover using BitTorrent Sync. Please see the following PDF file for the documentation:

Using these features it is possible to engineer several methods of real time failover for servers in a cluster, in the same data center, or in separate data centers, and/or sharing the same data store.

Your only cost for setting up failover would be to buy an additional server license and perhaps a file sync utility if you want to mirror your customers' data.

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