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How to configure email notifications with different settings per Account Group

By default, the Email Notification settings apply to all user accounts the same way. But, there is an override to this behavior. You can configure Email notifications with different settings for different Account Groups.

Example: For one set of Endpoints you can group them under one Account group and have the notifications configured to send email to end users (i.e. User Email). Then, you may have another account group for Endpoint's were you don't want to send emails to, but only have them sent to you or Account Administrators. You can use the setup process below to achieve this.

The implementation for this override is a manual procedure. Please follow each step correctly to avoid failures.

Here are the steps to configure notifications for individual Account Groups:\

1.Stop and close the RBS Manager and RBS Server. If the RBS Server is running as a service, stop the service from the Services Panel.

2.Create a new registry key under the branch shown, as follows:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBSServer\Enotify:

UseAccount REG_SZ True

The UseAccount key turns ON the feature to use custom EmailSettings.ini and custom templates for all notifications defined for each account group.

3.There is no User interface to edit/maintain these custom templates currently. You have edit/add/maintain the EmailSettings.ini and the template files manually.

4.When UseAccount key is True, the Email Notifications program looks for the templates under the folder structure: Application folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\RBS Server\Enotify\AccountGroup).

Example: For House Account (000001), the EmailSettings.ini and Template Files (SuccessTemplate.ini, FailedTemplate.ini, etc) should be under C:\Program Files\RBS Server\Enotify\000001\ folder.

For Account group (000004), the EmailSettings.ini and Template files (SuccessTemplate.ini, FailedTemplate.ini, etc) should go under C:\Program Files\RBS Server\Enotify\000004\ folder.

Manually create the folder structure (as above) for every Account Group defined on your server.

5.Restart the RBS Server and Manager.

6.From Tools: Email Notifications, edit the settings for the first account group. Save your changes and close the Email Notifications. Now, copy the EmailSettings.ini and the Template files from C:\Program Files\RBS Server\ folder to the corresponding Enotify template folder (as defined in step 4).

7.Re-open the Email Notifications program and change the settings for the second account group. Save, and copy the template files to the corresponding Enotify template folder (as defined in step 4 for this account group). And, so on.

NOTE: You have to define Enotify template folders for every Account Group you have defined on the server.


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