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Encryption Methods

These are the available encryption standards:


1.) DES is the old US Federal Standard. "8.2 Compatible" is the legacy RBackup (pre-1995) version, and "8.3 Standard" is the legacy RBackup (pre-1998) version.


2.) TDES is a much more secure form of DES


3.) Blowfish is probably the most secure of all. It uses a key length that is variable from four bits to 448 bits. This is the fastest encryption method, and the default for RBackup.


4.) AES is the US Federal Standard for military and diplomatic data. RBackup supports three levels of AES from 128 bits to 256 bits. 256 bit AES is very secure, but it is a bit slow due to complex encryption process.


RBackup can automatically generate "statistically perfect" encryption keys - the most secure keys. If you want the very highest security, do not pick your own key. Allow RBackup to generate it for you. For maximunm level of security and uniformity of status Rbackup uses Key-Based Encryption Algorithms


The way RBackup generates a key depends on which encryption standard you have chosen.


Our encryption support includes the ability to generate a key that, due to its structure, provides stronger encryption of your files. All methods except Blowfish have a mandated key length. The system will ask for a key length if Blowfish is used.





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