Is there a report that shows only the size of the first full backup?

Question: I want to bill my customers for the size of only the first full backup, and not subsequent backups. Is there a report that will do this?


We do not have a report that gives only the size of a single full backup on an ongoing basis. I don't know anyone who charges like that, so we didn't consider it a reporting option.

You have 2 ways to do this, neither of them automated.

1. Pull a Disk Resources report just after the first full backup and before any subsequent backups. This will tell you the size of the first full backup but will not take into account every new file added thereafter, nor a growth in the size of any of the files - especially databases like Exchange or SQL Server.

2. Use our free Estimator utility (link below) to estimate a full backup. This would be more accurate but would require running the utility periodicially and making sure its file selection rules are identical do those used in your RBS Client software.


Neither of these is perfect, but its the only way to do what you want with the current version of our software. If this method of billing becomes a popular option then of course we will add it.

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