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How do I change the company information displayed on installation in Windows UAC User Account Control?


I want to remove Remote Backup Systems' name from the Client software. Windows displays Remote Backup Systems on installation in Windows 7.


The information displayed on installation of the Endpoint software by Window's User Account Control (UAC) comes from the Versign Class 3 Code Signing Certificate that RBS used to sign the .EXE files.

We code-sign the files so Windows won't complain about installing them, and to ensure that the files contain no viruses and they have not been modified since we produced them. It is an important security measure required by many companies and modern Windows operating systems.

If you try to install an unsigned dll or exe file, Windows (particularly win7 and beyond) complains bitterly, and its UAC, depending on how it is set, can refuse to install it at all. Also some antivirus software will delete unsigned files, if the UAC allows them to be installed at all.

Files that are downloaded over the Internet (like your Endpoint installer) are usually checked for viruses and other threats by the browser used to download them. Code signed files contain a special signature that tells browsers that the file has not been modified since it was signed. If the file becomes infected with a virus after it has been signed, the browser will know about it and will notify the end user with a warning.

One advantage of Code Signing your Endpoint installers is that the browser will recognize the certificate, and will present the end user with fewer (and less dramatic) messages during download. The browser will trust the Endpoint installer because it is code signed.

Our software fully supports using your own certificate and if you do, your own info will be there instead. Full instructions are in the Server's documentation. You can purchase a certificate at the link below.

We do not have a procedure for generating a non-signed installer. You might be able to find a way to "unsign" it or remove the code signing signature by doing a web search.


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