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Is the Server Locator (Dynamic DNS) Required? Will the software work without it?

The Server Locator (Dynamic DNS Service) is NOT required. The software will run without it as long as you provide and manage your own DNS.

RBS provides a Dynamic DNS Service which we call our Server Locator. Each RBS Server is assigned a Host Name based on its serial number, and is entered into our Server Locator. The RBS Servers have built-in agents that report their IP addresses to the RBS Server Locator whenever they change IP addresses.

The Server Locator's Dynamic IP service instantly updates the "A" record associated with the host name. If Endpoints are set to locate the RBS Server using the Server Locator Host Name (which looks like: they will be able to contact the RBS Server no matter how often its IP changes.

The Server Locator is best used in cases where the RBS Server is on a dynamic IP address or you have no way to manage the DNS for your RBS Server.

We strongly recommend NOT a raw IP address for the Endpoints software to find the Server. IP addresses change, even static IP addresses, if you have to move your Server to another ISP or if you need backup DNS in an emergency.

The Server Locator Service only works while your Maintenance Agreement is in force. It will stop working if your Maintenance agreement lapses. Therefore, we recommend NOT using the Server Locator if you intend to let your Maintenance Agreement lapse.

Alternatives to the Server Locator:,


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