How do I get rid of all of the old backups and restart a Endpoint from scratch?

To start the Endpoint from the scratch please follow the steps given below:

Go to this Endpoint's root directory on the RBS Server and delete all the entries. Delete the Endpoint's account.

Create a new user and password on RBS Manager Accounts window - not the same as the old one.

Uninstall the Endpoint software completely and reboot the computer.

Install fresh Endpoint software.

Now start the Endpoint. You will have a prompt "New Registration" and "Disaster Recovery".

Click on New Registration and enter the User Name and Password you recently created - not the same as the old one.

Start the Endpoint and set the backup type as "Incremental".

Set your File Selection to anything other than Archive Bit. Set it to Modified Date/Time or Fast Pick. You will find this in the hidden Properties section of the Scheduler screen on the Endpoint, and you have to enter the Administrator's password to see that section. See the Server's documentation for info on how to access that.

If this is how you want it to act by default, we suggest you set this as the default in your Customize Endpoint Installer section of the RBS Manager, then rebuild your Endpoint installers.


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