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How to use Event Logging, including a list of Event Codes

The RBackup Endpoint and Server can write to the Windows event logs. You can use this feature for remote monitoring using MSP software. 

Event Logging for the Endpoint Software

Event Logging can be turned ON and OFF by a registry key and a control in the RBackup Customize Endpoint Installer utility. The Endpoint will log events in the Application Log. The Event Logging Source name will be the Product Name or Application Name (as customized in the rcap.ini file).  By default event logging is ON.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings:

“WriteEventLogs” – REG_SZ

Set the value to “True” or “False”

* This key can be edited in the Customize Endpoint Installer (Section: More Advanced Options)

For the RBackup Endpoint software, event logging can be turned on or off in the Customize Endpoint Installer utility, and after you make new Endpoint  installers logging will be on or off for new Endpoints after installation.

For existing clients you can use the backup.reg file to set registry settings for software that has already been installed.

Events include:

  • Application startup/close events
  • Backup starting and completed events.

Backup Start event will record the following details:

  • Backup Start date/time
  • Backup Set Name and Type of backup

Backup complete event will record the following details:

  • Backup Completed date/time
  • Backup Set Name
  • Status of backup (Success, Failed, Incomplete, Complete with Exceptions)
  • Number of files and bytes selected for backup
  • Number of files and bytes transferred
  • Warnings Count (if any)
  • Exceptions Count (if any)
  • Missed/Failed Backup events (Warnings)
  • Critical Errors (Errors

Event ID:

Each event log has a unique event ID for SPs to look up more information about the specific event reported.

5000 – Backup Endpoint (Backup Engine: rbclient.exe) starting.

5001 – Backup Endpoint (Backup Engine: rbclient.exe) exiting.

5002 – Backup Started

5003 – Backup Completed

5004 – Backup Canceled

5005 – Backup Paused

5006 – Backup Resumed

5007 - Backup Window Exceeded. Stopping Backup Session.

5008 - Attempt Window Expired. Stopping Backup Session.

5009 – Backup Stopped. Free space threshold exceeded.

531 – Backup Canceled. Account Suspended on backup server. (Error 531)

530 – Backup Canceled. Login Failure. (Error 530)

5010 – Fatalrror encountered in Backup Engine (rbClient.exe). Refer to event log description and sessionlog/backuplog for more details.

6000 – Backup Endpoint (Tray Application: rbackup.exe) starting.

6001 – Backup Endpoint  (Tray Application: rbackup.exe) exiting.

6003 – Missed Backup

6004 – Failed Backup


Event Logging for the Server Software

Event logging for the Server software is controlled by registry key “WriteEventLogs” under the Settings branch. To enable check the option ‘Turn ON Event Logging’ in the RBS Manager: Properties (or via Web Manager if installed). This requires a restart of the RBS Server.

The following events will be logged for the server (rbs.exe).

Event ID:

7000 – RBS Server starting

7001 – RBS Server shutting down

7002 – Server started. (Logs Listening Port, local IP, public IP, current audit log and root folder)

7003 – ‘RBS Server’ Service events (Start, paused, stopped, resumed events)

7004 – Server Informational Log (See Log details for description)

7009 – Failed Login from client (Logs username/password)

7010 – Fatal error encountered in RBS Server. Refer to event log description and audit log for more details.

10048 – Port already in use. Server cannot start.




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