rbclient Endpoint Command lines

RBackup can be called from other programs. This allows it to be included in other applications, adding Remote Backup functionality to them. For example, suppose you’d like to include built-in remote backup functionality in a Dental Office management program, which looks like a part of that program.

Add a menu option to the Dental Office Management application, called “Remote Backup” or “Backup Now.” Have the menu option simply run the following command line:

[path to rbclient]\rbclient.exe run [backup set name]

In the above example, [path to rbclient] is the full drive and path to the “rbclient.exe” program without the square brackets. The path is usually (but not always)

C:\Program Files\Remote Backup

[backup set name] is the name of the backup set to run. Do not include the square brackets.rbclient.exe and run are literal.

You might also want to preselect, as part of the called backup set, the data files of the calling application.

Command line to run copy to disk

rbclient.exe /Run$$[ Backupset name]$$ "copy to disk location"

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