Fatal Error - Server will not run. Contact technical support.

This error is caused when the RBS Server has been moved to a different computer or VM without first uninstalling it from the previous computer or VM, or when something major has changed on the server's or the VM's hardware - like its CPU serial number, or hard drive, etc.

The RBS Server "thinks" it has been stolen and moved, so it has stopped running to prevent a security breach.

Built into the RBS Server software is a security feature that is designed to help protect your Endpoints' backup data from being hijacked. The feature prevents a second RBS Server from starting if it is installed with a serial number that is already active on another system. This eliminates security risks associated with IP spoofing and serial number theft.

Installing the RBS Server software registers its serial number to a specific computer or VM, preventing the use of the same serial number on another computer. Uninstalling the RBS Server software de-registers its serial number so it can then be installed on a different computer. If you can't (or don't want) to uninstall the software, you can use this form to move its serial number. 

If you have recently moved your RBS Server to another computer or VM without following this procedure, you can manually move your RBS Server's license at the following link. [move server license here]

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