Files are backing up, but are not showing on the Restore window

If the Purge and Retention settings are incorrect, files can be backed up and then purged too soon.

At the RBS Manager or your Server's Web Console (Web Manager), select the affected Endpoint account and select Remote Manage.

Check the Purge/Retention settings.

It is recommended that Keep Latest Version be selected ON, and the number of days set to a setting that will give you an adequate number of revisions. This setting will keep all revisions for the number of days specified, and when all revisions become older than the specified number of days, the most recent revision will be retained.

Setting Keep Latest Version OFF will delete ALL copies of backup files after they age beyond the retention period.

To recover from a mishap like this, you might try restoring all the affected Endpoint's .RBX files, on the server. These will be located in the Server Root, under a folder with the same name as the Endpoint account.

If the files are not available in the recycle bin, try using a 3rd party deleted file recovery tool.

After the files are recovered use the Server Side Restore feature of the RBS Manager to restore them at the server. You will need the Endpoint's username, password (available in the RBS Manager) AND the client's encryption key.


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