Server Tester Fails

The Server Tester passes with one account, but not with another.

Testing the RBS Server with some accounts fail, and on others it passes. 

All the accounts that pass are on one data drive, and all those that fail are on a different drive.

The Server Tester passes the first test (Server Function) on all accounts. When it fails, it fails during the second test.

Answser: One of the data drives is offline or has gone bad.

The RBS Server Tester tests several conditions:

The first test (server function) tests if the RBS Server can be accessed on its Command Port (usually port 2774), and if the user's account login works (which tests the RBS.MDB file or the main SQL table). If this test passes, the RBS Server is good, and so is its database. If this test fails, the problem is usually that the Command Port is blocked by a firewall or is not properly routed, or the RBS Server itself (hardware or software) is not turned on.

The second test tests if the Data Ports can be accessed, and if data can be written and read from the Data Drive. If this test fails, the data ports are blocked by a firewall (or not properly routed) and/or the data drive (where users' data is stored) is full, offline, or defective.


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