Running RBackup as a Service

Running RBackup as a Service

Both the RBackup Server and the RBackup Endpoint (Client) can run as Windows Services, and it is simple to switch them into Services mode. However, their default installation installs them as Applications to make initial installation and troubleshooting simpler.


The Server

There are few caveats to running the Server as a Service. Just make sure that as a service it has access to the drives it needs to use.

You can switch the RBackup Server to start as a Service like this:

Open the RBS Manager Console Application. (NOT the Web Console)

Select Tools->Properties->Manager Preferences

Checkmark “Services Mode”


The Endpoint (Client)

RBS’ official recommendation is to run the Endpoint in Application Mode. All of its defaults, and those in the Customize Client Installer tool are set that way.

The default is for the Endpoint to be launched by the Windows Task Scheduler, using the Local System Account.

The reasons for this are simple – to make sure all the drives that need to be backed up are mapped correctly, and to avoid possible conflicts between the RBackup built in scheduler (which must run when the Endpoint is in Services Mode) and other scheduled events like Windows updates, antivirus updates, etc.

Over the years we have found that it is much more reliable to run the Endpoint software as an application, launched by Windows Task Scheduler. The Endpoint software integrates with the Windows Task Scheduler seamlessly, so there’s no need to use Task Scheduler to edit the schedules. You do it all from within RBackup, just as if RBackup were running as a Service.

To create Endpoint installers that install RBackup to run as a Service, follow these instructions.

  1.       Log as Admin to the RBackup Server Web Console.
  2.       Select Setup->Customize Client Installer.
  3.       On the Customization and Branding tab, change “Run Schedule at Startup” to YES.
  4.       On the Backup Sets tab, uncheck “Use Windows Task Scheduler”. Do this for EVERY BACKUP SET.
  5.       On the Advanced Client Options tab, set “Install as a Windows Service” to YES.
  6.       Now save and build installers.


Change the Endpoint to a Service after Installation

You can change an Application-Mode Endpoint to run as a Service after it has been installed.

  1.       Open the Endpoint in Advanced Interface Mode
  2.       Select Options->Preferences.
  3.       Double-click the padlock icon.
  4.       Enter your Admin password. The default is “admin”.
  5.       Click the “OK” button.
  6.       Select Schedule->Backup Schedule...
  7.       In the Schedule Options section, deselect “Use Windows Task Scheduler” and hit Apply. Do this for ALL BACKUP SETS.
  8.       After all backup sets have been edited, click Close.
  9.       Drop to a command prompt. (Start: CMD <ENTER>)
  10.    Change directories to \Program Files (x86)\Remote Backup\ (CD \Program Files (x86)\Remote Backup
  11.    Type “rbackup /i” without the quotes.
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