Have you just taken over an existing RBackup Server? Advice for new technicians.

Have you just taken over responsibility for an RBackup Online Backup system? This is advice for new technicians.

Every purchase of new software comes with free one-time installation and a free one-time one-on-one training session lasting about an hour. We do not reinstall software or re-do training sessions for free, but you can purchase these services from RBS.

The software comes with one month to twelve months of Maintenance Subscription, which may have lapsed by the time you got here. It has to be renewed yearly. The Maintenance Subscription covers technical support, the Partner’s Forum, your private Hot Site, the Server Locator, and several other features and services. If the Maintenance Subscription lapses, these services will be turned off, but your software can continue to function without them, as long as it was set up to do so. That’s done normally for everyone as part of Best Practices.

You can check to see if your Maintenance Subscription is in force by selecting Help and About from the Server’s Web Console, and reading the info on that screen.

I’m assuming that we’ve already installed your software and trained someone who isn’t there anymore. Now you need to come up to speed fast.

I’ll explain the system first. This is Online Backup software. It is client-server based. The Server is in your office or data center, and the clients (we call them endpoints) are out on your customers’ computers and servers.

Periodically, usually once every 24 hours at night, the endpoint software wakes up, looks around for data that has been modified since its last backup, or that has been added since the last backup. It compresses, encrypts, verifies, digitally signs, and transmits the backups to the server over the Internet. The transmission is encrypted. The backups are stored encrypted and compressed on your server.

The Server receives the backups, stores them, validates them, and allows them to be restored.

Your end users can restore their backups themselves using the Endpoint software. There is a Restore option there.

Endpoints are deployed six ways. Watch the “Provisioning Client Endpoints with RBackup” 6 minute video on the Training Videos page. See below.

RBackup is Windows-based. As of October 2015 we do not have a Mac or Linux version.

The RBackup Endpoint software can back up the following objects (check with RBS – more are added often.)

  •         Selected files and folders
  •         MS SQL
  •         VMware VMs when run in the Host
  •         Hyper-V VMs when run in the Host
  •         Full Drive Images (It maintains a standard .VHD file that you can immediately mount for quick DR.)
  •         Open files and locked files
  •         MS Exchange
  •         Active Directory
  •         System State
  •         NTFS file permissions


You will manage your Server and endpoint accounts with a web interface, which us usually available to the public on the Internet, but sometimes it’s set up to be available only inside the local network.

There are still some very old systems out there that do not have the web interface. In the case of these systems, you should upgrade them to the current version and install the Web Manager PlugIn, if it is authorized for your account. Call RBS and we can check it for you.

If you cannot use the Web Manager PlugIn, you will use the RBS Manager console application to manage your server and endpoints.

You can access the login screen on the Server’s console at a link like this: http://localhost/Web/login.html

The admin login credentials default to admin / password, but by the time you got here it was probably changed. RBS can help recover it if it is lost, and if your Maintenance Subscription is in force.

Here are some things to speed up your learning curve:

  1.       Watch the training videos here:
  2.       Read the documentation here:


What can you expect from RBS?

We offer technical support for problems encountered with our software on the Server side or the Client side, as long as your Maintenance Subscription is in force. If your Maintenance has lapsed, and you don’t want to renew it, you can use our extensive Knowledge Base here:

How do I get technical support?

There are two levels of support – Basic and Priority. See the following link for a description of the services available to you at each level:

If you have Basic Maintenance, file a support ticket at our website, Select Support -> Technical Support -> Open a Support Ticket. Please be aware that Basic maintenance plans come with software upgrades, and tech support through our online ticketing system only.

With Priority plans you can call in, use the website’s live chat feature, and with Priority our technicians have more tools that they can use to help you. Response time is quicker, too.  

Where is RBS?

We have offices in Memphis and Seattle, and in Chennai India. We’re open 9-5 US Central Time weekdays. When you phone you’ll get someone in Memphis or Seattle, and we might transfer you to Chennai, or if they’re busy we might take your number and have someone call you back.

How do I contact you?



Phone: (901) 405-1234


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