File Retention Settings for the client

The Purge/Retention Settings & Adv. Options sub-tab contains the following settings:

To check the purge settings on RBS client:

Go to Options--Preferences and then double-click the padlock icon and enter the password ("Admin" with a capital "A" by default). Click OK on Preferences window.

Now go to schedule--backup schedule window. Set the purge settings accordingly. Run a few scheduled backups to let RBS client apply these changes.

To check the purge settings on RBS Server:

Go to Accounts window, right click on any client and select Remote Manage <client name>. Under Backup Schedule tab, you will find the purge/retention settings for this client.

You can edit the purge/retention settings on each client by following the above steps on any client.

To check the purge/retention settings for this client on RBS Server.

Go to accounts window, right click on this client and click on Manage <Client name>.

Under backup schedle tab, you will find the purge/retention settings.

Keep latest version of all files online. - Check this setting if you want to keep the most recent version of a file regardless the other settings on this screen. For example, assume you have set Purge Files older than to 30 days. If you only have a single copy of a file within that time frame, and you do not checkmark this option, that file will be erased when its age is over 30 days. If you checkmark this option, that file will be retained regardless of its age until a more recent one appears at your RBS Server.

Purge Files older than: - Use this setting to set the retention period of the files in this Backup Set to a number of days. In this example, files will be retained for 30 days and then erased from the RBS Server.

Number of Backup Sets (read as versions) to Keep Online : You can select number of versions of the file to keep online, and have the Client software delete old versions in a First-In-First-Out method. For example, if you have this set to 7, when the 8th version is stored, the oldest version will be deleted.

Purge if deleted/Unmarked: - means if you have removed the files from backup set at the client end and this setting is checked, this particular file will be purged from RBS Server at the end of its retention period.After every backup session, when the client runs its purge operations, a new check is made to see if the file exists locally. If the local file is not present, and it qualifies for purge, the client then deletes/purges it off the server.

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