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CRC errors or invalid signature in installers

Problem: The Online Installer (or any of the RBS files) shows CRC errors or Invalid Signature.

Solution: All RBS downloads and installers are digitally signed and encapsulated to prevent tampering.

If anything happens to any of the files in the installers to alter them from the originals that were certified at RBS before distribution, errors and warnings will happen during use.

The two most common causes for this are files that are corrupted or changed somehow during uploading or downloading, and viruses that can attach to the files at any time after they are downloaded from RBS. All files that leave RBS are certified virus-free and are digitally signed to prevent tampering.

Viruses can damage the installer files at any point after they leave RBS. The fix for this is to find and fix the virus, then obtain an original certified copy of the affected installer and replace the damaged one.

The fix for download errors is to download the installar again.

If these errors are reported when customers try to download endpoint software from your server, you can suspect viruses on your web site, viruses on the web server, or on the customer's computer.

It is also possible, but not very common, that something about the web server or the equipment between it and the computer attempting the installation is damaging the Online Installer files. This can theoretically be caused by a bad connection, or something else that is causing the files to fail to properly download.

To determine if the problem is on the computer attempting to use the Online Installer, try downloading a known good RBS Endpoint software. If the installation works, the problem is NOT your computer. If the installation fails, the problem IS your computer.


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