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How many installations of the RBS client software do I need?

Question: Would I become the Server and ALL my endpoints would have an RBS Endpoint installed on their PC's including the server(s)? Would each of my clients have their own copy of the RBS endpoint software for each PC in their network? For instance, a customer with a Server and 10 workstations would have about 11 separate copies of the RBS endpoint software?

Answer: Yes, you can do it this way. One RBS Server can service a lot of endpoints. When we say "endpoint" we mean one installation of our endpoint software. When we say Customer or Client we mean a company or individual who is your customer and who may have multiple endpoints.

If your customer has his PCs networked, you can put a single copy of our endpoint software on the computer that has access to all the others through shared drives. Or, you can put a copy of the endpoint software on each workstation. That's up to you, depending on the network topography.

In your example, I'd suggest using 11 endpoints - one for the Server and 10 for the workstations. If the server has access to the workstation's drives through shares, you can put one endpoint on the Server and back up all 11 workstations with it. There are a number of ways to do it.

You need only one RBS Server, and you need a endpoint for each of the Clients' computers. You can use the single RBS Server to back up hundreds or thousands of endpoints and many different Customers.

We sell the software in packages that each include one Server and multiple endpoints.


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