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Can Your Software Back Up 2 terabytes a Night?

Question: What I want to do is backup my data from file server to another file server at my house. I will be backing up 2TB of data every night and I want to back up over the internet. If you can please tell me if your software is capable of doing what I need.

Answer: Yes, our software is capable of backing up 2 terabytes of data every night, but do you have enough bandwidth and drive space to back up that much data every night? Calculate your speed and bandwidth requirements here:

Our software has the ability to select critical files that need to be backed up. Do you REALLY need to send all of that data every day? Most companies don’t. Most, in fact, most of our customers send fewer than 500 megabytes a day, which is compressed to around 100 megabytes before transmission. They do this by selectively backing up only the files that change from day to day - the files that store your most critical data, and setting RBackup to "Incremental" which backs up only the changed files.

To reduce the time, back up only critical files that you cannot restore from other resources like your original distribution CDs, and your Windows CD itself.

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