Do You Have A Disk Space Quota System

Question: Does the system track user space, and if so will it notify the client and us of it. If so, does it have capabilities to automatically increase and/or limit allocated drive space?

Answer: RBackup has a quota system built into the Server and another built into the Client. Rather than automatically limiting storage space, though, we decided to install a report and emails that tells you who's over their quota, so you can deal with it as a sales upsell issue. The problem with automatically limiting uploads, as we see it, is that many times a client REALLY needs to bust his quota and he needs to do it without prior authorization from you, and he's willing to pay for it.

That's why most of our Service Providers use a multi-tiered pricing schedule as part of their service agreement. The client agrees in advance to have his account upgraded to the next (and more expensive) level if he busts his quota over a period of time. It puts your clients in control of how much money they spend, and automatically allows them to spend more.

The Client-side Quota system can limit the amount of data that is sent to the Server in each backup session. Any files over that quota are saved for the next backup session.

Together, these two Quota controls address most quota issues.

In addition, the Client software can be preset to automatically delete its archives that are over a number of days old. As an example, you can set the Client (on a client-by-client basis) to keep files for only 30 days, or 60 days, or any number of days you decide. Files older than that are deleted from the Server.

EXCEPT files of which the Server has only one copy. Single copies of archived files will remain on the Server indefinitely, or until a more recent copy is backed up. You can turn this feature ON or OFF, just as you can with the automatic deletion feature.

There is a separate function that you can set which will change this "soft" quota to a "hard" quota, which will prevent further backups when an account reaches its quota.

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