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Is there a backdoor to the client? How secure is it?

Question: Have a prospective client that is security conscious. He wants assurance that there is not a ÔÇ£back doorÔÇØ into the Client Software making his systems accessible to your or my organization.

Answer: There is no ÔÇ£back door.ÔÇØ There is absolutely no way for the Client software to answer an incoming IP request. So, the Client software is not vulnerable from hack attempts through the Internet.

There is a built-in key escrow system that spooks some people until they find out itÔÇÖs not a security risk. This system has saved many clients who could not recover their data because of a corrupted Key disk, or because they forgot their encryption key.

ThatÔÇÖs the system that allows you to make a key disk upon installation, to be used to restore the Client later in case of a massive system crash. It also allows us (RBS) to recover a lost encryption key, but that process requires the authorization of your customer and yourself, and is expensive to do, with a minimum price of US$500.

Only RBS can do it, and we cannot do it without both yourself and your client authorizing us in writing. We need a few files from your Server, and some information from your Client to validate the files on your Server. We cannot recover your clientÔÇÖs encryption key without both of those pieces.


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