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How do I restore a clients data if their original machine is destroyed or crashes?

Our software has a built-in Disaster Recovery feature. Here's how it works.

After initial installation our Client software asks if you want to make a Key Disk. The Key Disk contains all the setup information for the Client software. If you change something critical about the setup of the Client software later, it will ask you to update your Key Disk.

If the computer is destroyed and has to be completely reconfigured, you can simply install new Client software. On installation the Client software asks "Is this a new installation or a Disaster Recovery?" Pick Disaster Recovery, and you will be asked for the Key Disk. Just insert it, and the new Client software will set itself up like before, and will contact the Server to download the latest catalog. After the catalog is retrieved you will get a confirmation message stating 'Recovery Complete'. You can then select the Restore Interface and start restoring files.

How to Perform a Disaster Recovery using RBS

A. "Disaster Recovery" is a special operation most commonly used to recover a client computer from a massive data loss where the Remote Backup Client software was also lost and needs to be reinstalled. Such a data loss is usually caused by a bad hard drive, stolen computer, or accidental erasure or reformatting.

The procedure is a simple one, and can automatically recover the previous Remote Backup software installation with all its settings intact, including the login name and password, encryption key, and catalogs; and all the data that was backed up using the previous installation.

There are two "right" ways to do a Disaster Recovery Operation, and one REALLY WRONG way. Use the "right" method that best suites the situation.

The REALLY Wrong Way.

DO NOT install fresh Remote Backup client software, then select New Registration; register with the same Username, and Password, and run a backup or synchronize the catalog. A New Registration creates a new default encryption key different from that of the original installation. Files backed up with the old key will not restore with the new key.

There is a way to recover from this mistake, which can be explained by RBS Tech Support if necessary, but it is more complicated than simply doing it the right way in the beginning.

If you have the Encryption Key Disk or File.

Install a fresh client on the new system.

When prompted for 'New Registration' or 'Disaster Recovery' - select Disaster Recovery.

The client will ask whether you have the Key Disk, and if you do have the Key disk/file with you - select Yes.

The client will then ask you for the destination of the Key Disk/File. After reading the file, it will contact the server and retrieve the last known catalog file from the server.

Upon successfully recovering the catalog, it will ask you to restart the client application. Restart the client, and you will have all the files available for restore from the Restore window.

If you DO NOT have the Encryption Key Disk or File, but you know the Encryption Key, Encryption Method, Username, and Password.

Note: The Username and Password can be retrieved at the RBS Server by looking in the RBS Manager application, Accounts screen, and viewing the account of the user.

Install a fresh client on the new system.

Select Disaster Recovery Option.

Answer "No" when prompted for "Do you have the Encryption Key Disk?"

The client will present you a form where in you can enter the Username, Password, Encryption Method and Encryption Key. Enter all this information.

The client will start the Disaster Recovery process and restore the latest catalog from the server.

All files will be available for restore from the Restore window.

If you DO NOT have the Encryption Key Disk or File, and you do not know the Encryption Key.

Contact Technical Support for help. There are a number of options for recovering data using a Key Recovery procedure and other means, depending on the situation.

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