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IPC Port error with Exchange on 2008 64-bit Windows Server (or) -2146233077 Failed to write to an IPC Port

Solution 1:

The Error with 'IPC Port' is usually caused when the service 'ExchangeBackupService' is not running.

Check under Control Panel: Admin Tools: Services, and make sure that the service 'ExchangeBackupService' is running. If the service is stopped, start the service and restart the client software.

Solution 2:

Error: -2146233077 Failed to write to an IPC Port: The pipe is being closed on frmBackupSet.ExchangeProcess

In 64 bit OS, if you see an IPC port error like above then try the following steps:

- Close the client application, and the system tray application. Make sure rbclient.exe and rbackup.exe processes are not running (in task manager).
- Go to the Services Panel, stop ÔÇ£ExchangeBackupAgentÔÇØ service.
- Go to the client installation folder (usually, C:\Program Files (x86)\Remote Backup) and create a text file and name it as "ExchangeService.ini" (if there is not one already).
- Open the file using Notepad and enter the following two lines of text (below) and save it.


* NOTE: Channel and Port are case sensitive, not values.
- Start the ÔÇ£ExchangeBackupAgentÔÇØ Service from services panel.

By default the Channel Port would be 9999 as you can see in the 'ExchangeAgent.log' in the client application/installation folder. If you still see the IPC port error, then change the Channel to 'tcp' and increase the port number (max value: 65535) and retry the above steps.

The above steps can also be applied when you get errors like "Error 0 connecting to exchange" while connecting to the exchange plugin and/or when expanding the mailboxes.

After restarting the service, you can go to ExchangeAgent.log to see if the values are applied properly.

If you still have issues, please contact Technical Support and provide the logs.


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