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Endpoint Locks settings are unresponsive to changes at the Server


The Endpoint Locks settings on my Server in the Customize Endpoint Installer - Endpoint Locks tab are all unchecked. After creating an Endpoint Installer executable and running it on two different machines, I see that several of the Endpoint Lock settings on both these machines are checked and grayed out so I can't change them. Specifically, I can't create new backup sets or modify existing sets.

Is there a setting somewhere that overrides the ability to change these settings? I have tried to change them in both the Endpoint machine and the Server's RBS Manager screen. The Endpoint Locks window shows these grayed out checked locks options and there doesn't seem to be any way to alter the settings.


RBackup generates three editions of the Endpoint software. Each edition has different features turned on and off. I am guessing that you are working with the Personal Edition or the Workstation Edition of the Endpoint software, which locks out specific features, and you cannot unlock them. The Server Edition has all features unlocked.

You can change the Endpoint Edition for installed Endpoints at the Server. Edit the Endpoint account settings to do this.The change will take effect after the next time the Endpoint contacts the Server. You may be able to run a Test Connection from the Endpoint to force the change in Editions.



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