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How do I change SessionQuota on the Endpoint? Backup log shows exceptions 'File exceeds Sessionquota.'

SessionQuota, is the Endpoint-side session quota (set to Unlimited by default). It defines the maximum amount of data an Endpoint can transfer in a single backup session. If, during a backup session, the amount of data being transferred exceeds the SessionQuota limit, the Endpoint will stop the transfer and finish the session.

It will log exceptions in the backup log for files that failed to backup that exceed this quota as 'EXCP: xxxxx file was skipped. File exceeds SessionQuota.'

To increase or change the Session Quota on the Endpoint software, follow the steps below:

From the Server:

  • Log into the Server's Web Console as Admin.
  • Select Endpoints -> Manage Endpoints
  • Select the Remote Management icon for the Endpoint you want to edit.
  • Select the Backup Schedule subtab.
  • Scroll down to the Purge/Retention and Advanced Properties section, and edit the Session Quota.

At the Endpoint Simple/Standard Interface:

- Select 'Backup Set' and click on Edit Existing Backup Set. Click on Next till you reach the scheduling options (step 3 of 3)
- Click on 'Advanced' button, and enter Admin override password (default admin password is Admin)
- Select the tab 'Schedule Options' and change the setting 'Session Quota'. Click on Ok to save changes.

AT the Endpoint Advanced Interface:

- Select 'Options' - Preferences from the client menu.
- Double click on the lock and enter the Admin override password.
- Click on 'OK' to close the Preferenecs window, and come back to the main interface.
- From the Schedule menu, choose 'Backup Schedule'.
- In the schedule inteface, at the bottom you will find Properties. Change the Session Quota value here and click on Apply/Save.

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