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We recommend using the Windows Task Scheduler option so that the Windows service always runs in the background, even when you are not logged onto the system. You don't need the Endpoint to be running in service mode or in application mode. You can just close the Endpoint software.


The scheduler interface includes options to set up scheduled jobs to run via the Windows Task Scheduler instead of RBackup's built in scheduler. Advanced options for Windows Task Scheduled jobs include Power Management Options: 1) Don't start the task when running on batteries 2) Stop the task if battery mode begins, and 3) Wake computer to run backups.

From the Endpoint interface go to Schedule -> Backup Schedule

Use Task Scheduler – Select this checkbox to use the Windows Task Scheduler to launch this backup set instead of using RBackup’s built-in scheduler. Some applications have the potential to interfere with RBackup’s built-in scheduler, especially when RBackup is running in Service Mode. It is generally considered more reliable for wide-scale distributions to use the Windows Task Scheduler.

If you want to manually create a scheduled task to run Rbackup, follow these instructions:

1. Click on Windows Start, Select Settings -> Control Panel. Open Scheduled Tasks Folder.

2. Double Click on 'Add Scheduled Task', Click Next.

3. This Screen should show you a list of almost all the programs installed in your machine. Look for the rbClient.exe, if it is not there, browse and select rbClient.exe from the client installation directory (by deafult, its C:\Program Files\Remote Backup). Selecting the exe file automatically takes you to the next screen which shows schedule options.

4. Select the options according to your preferences, click next.

5. Enter a valid windows username and password for this scheduled task to run. The Endpoint software when launched on schedule runs under this user account's credentials, so make sure this account has permission to access all the neccesary files and folders. Click Next.

7. Click Finish. We have set up the Task Scheduler to launch the Endpoint Software on Schedule, now we have modify the task properties to automatically start the backup for a Backup set.

8. Right Click on the Created Task (it should be named as rbclient, unless you changed the Task Name) and Select Properties.

9. In the Task tab, the Run option should point to the absolute path of the rbclient.exe. Add the word "Run" and the backupset name to the end of the path. For example if the backupset name is 'default ' and the installtion path is C:\Program Files\Remote Backup, the Run option should be

C:\Program Files\Remote Backup\rbclient.exe run default 

10. Click Apply, the Task Scheduler might ask for the Windows username and password again, please enter them and click OK.

IMPORTANT : Make sure that the Endpoint interface is closed during scheduled time.



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