What is included in my Priority Support Subscription?

We want to let you know what you can expect from Technical Support for your Priority Maintenance Subscription.

What is included in my Basic Support Subscription?

What level of support can I expect if I let my Maintenance Subscription expire?

Tech Support is open weekdays from 9AM to 5PM US Central Time and 9AM to 11PM GMT for Europe.

Most members of our technical support team are usually busy on a case. You will probably not be able to get through to an Engineer immediately if you phone or use the live chat on our website without an appointment. You have Priority Support, so an Engineer can phone you back.

For efficiency and the highest level of support for all our customers, our Engineers are required to work through our ticketing system in a process overseen by a Support Coordinator. They handle cases first-in first-out for each of the two levels of support - first Priority customers, and then Basic customers.

We do our best to respond quickly, and we know we're not quick enough in some cases, especially when you want an Engineer immediately. But we can't interrupt one support case to handle another. You wouldn't want us stopping work on your case to spend time on someone else's.

Support Engineers cannot handle your support case without a Ticket Number. If you are not near a computer our Support Coordinator can enter a ticket for you. However, it's always best if you can enter it yourself. You can better explain the problem (and attach screen shots and logs) than we can.

Your Priority Support Subscription includes the following services:

Four Hour Minimum Response Time - Priority Support gives you quick access to Tech Support. Response times will vary from twenty minutes to four hours, depending on our work load. Priority customers are handled first.

Web-Based Support - When you need help, enter a Support Ticket in our online Help Desk at our web site. You will receive your answer by email or you can register an account with the helpdesk and check back online for your response. 

Live Telephone Support - You can have access to an RBS Support Engineer by telephone if we have an engineer available. If we are busy (which is most of the time) we will have to phone you back. For the quickest service possible, please file your support request and get a support ticket number prior to your call.

Live Online Chat Support - You can have access to an RBS Support Engineer from the Live Chat icon on our website if one is available. For the quickest service possible, please file your support request and get a support ticket number prior to your IM, and please - give us some time to read your ticket and assign it to an Engineer before you contact us about it.

Live Remote Help - Support Engineers can use our Bomgar Live Support appliance to log into your RBS Server by remote and adjust it for you. (Live remote support is at the discretion of the Support Engineer, and is not our first line of support.) We are not allowed to use RDP or any other remote support service.

Software upgrades - You will get all upgrades, security responses, and service packs at no charge.

Server Locator Service - for running your RBS Server on a Dynamic IP Address, backup DNS service, and IP Routing Service to your RBS Server. The Server Locator allows you to easily move your RBS Server in the event of a disaster at your Server Site. CLICK HERE for more information on the Server Locator Service.

The Service Provider's Forum - This online discussion forum is invaluable to those operating a commercial Remote Backup Service. Here you can carry on discussions - live or delayed - with other RBS Providers around the world. Share ideas, tips, and techniques. Download marketing materials and software. The Forum's messages are recorded and indexed so you can easily look up topics by key words.

RBS Referral Network - When you qualify we'll send you customers who come to us through our high-ranking popular Search Engine listings. Just one referral can more than pay for your Support Package. Click Here for info on the RBS Referral Network.

Emergency Hot Site Service - Our Emergency Hot Site Servers are available for RBS Service Providers whenever a natural disaster effects your data center. If your RBS Server goes offline because of a natural disaster, we can temporarily take backups from your customers at our Hot Site so your business doesn't suffer further. Click Here for info on the Hot Site Service.

Remote Help Desk Service - You can remotely access and control your client's computers. The ultimate in convenient customer service is included with your Priority Maintenance Subscription. SSL Encryption for security, seamlessly passes through routers. Other companies charge $70/year per computer. One popular service charges $1248/year for 25 clients. RBS gives you this valuable service for ALL your clients as part of your Priority Maintenance Subscription. (More info here...)

The Online Helpdesk is at

For a complete discussion and comparison of the support plans, see the following link:

What's Not Covered By Support

.         Immediate on-demand access to live Support Engineers;

.         Reinstalling your Server software or plugins after the first installation;

.         Migrating your Server or Clients to a different computer or VM instance;

.         Installing or setting up your Client software at your end users' sites;

.         Direct technical support to your end users;

.         Help with retired software versions;

.         Encryption Key Recovery (although we can help through our paid service.)


Thank you very much.

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